Learning To Be Funny To Attract Women

Learning To Be Funny To Attract Women

It’s a hard deal learning to be “funny”. Women love it though. On their online dating profiles, near every single one says “I need a guy with a sense of humor”. It’s true, they want it. But you need keep a balance between humor, sexual tension and being quiet…

For me personally, I’ve always been relatively funny guy. I haven’t needed much guidance in this area. However, I did need to make my jokes and improv much more concise and less… attention-seeking. Seem strange? How can someone be out their to make people laugh and not an attention whore? Well, it takes practice, and not trying too hard.

So I did three things:

1. Read Comedy Writing Secrets
This book might be one of the most valuable reads I’ve done. You get funnier just be reading it. No joke. Seriously.

2. Watch Funny Shows
This might not be a stretch for many people, and it wasn’t for me. Depending on your existing “type” of natural humor that you have, consider watching the opposite kind if you find your humor to be too extreme in one way. My friend was all over self-depreciating humor. He had it down. So, I told him to watch It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, which is much more arrogant, cocky, and the cast are in their own world. If you’re naturally arrogant, then try something more subtle like the Colbert Report, the Office is also good for situational humor. Watch and learn, don’t watch and zone out.

3. Get Over Yourself
The first thing a improv comedian told me, is that you need to “get over yourself”. Don’t worry about the consequences, just roll with them if they turn “bad”. Most of the time people are so self-absorbed that if the joke doesn’t hit, they don’t hold it against you. If you are not awkward about your joke, then typically they only remember the funny ones.

One of the best things you can do – and you’ve heard it a hundred times – is to take an improv class. This sharpens your senses and in the moment reflexes.

Humor is a valuable tool in seduction, and I’ve barely scratched the surface. A good tool, that I bought early on, to learn humor as it applies to flirting is in the Cocky Comedy (cocky and funny) program that David DeAngelo released.

Source: www.seduction-chronicles.net

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