How To Pick Up Women

How To Pick Up Women

There are a few different proven methods for picking up women. The Seduction Chronicles summarizes many throughout it’s articles but here are the basics:

Direct and Indirect

Direct game is when you pick up a woman in a direct manner by using a direct opener. This is a common approach that yields great results. A direct approach is great for day game, social circles and other such activities.

Indirect game is best for strangers, clubs and bars. Indirect game is when you use an opener by addressing the whole group, and showing mild disinterest to the target (the woman you’re interested in). Once a certain hook point is reached, you can start to focus on the picking up that woman.

Natural and Routine Based

To pick up a woman you have to know what to say in many circumstances. Though it is true that body language accounts for most of the communication during pick up, once you have that down you can’t just hold a pose and expect a woman to pick you up. Knowing what to say, brings attraction and comfort and leads you eventually down to a more intimate relationship.

Natural game is like improv. You go from conversation to conversation, delving into deeper topics when you have something in common. It takes practice and is not for a beginner in many cases. I’ve also found that if I’m living my life the way I want to live, doing exciting things and experiencing live, natural game becomes a hold lot easier and so does picking up women.

Routine based game is memorizing certain structured conversational pieces, gambits and stories to evoke a certain level of attraction. Routine game is good for picking up women because you can have consistent results and determine whenever you’ve done something by mistake.