How To Approach Women

How To Approach Women

You should realize before you approach women that most attractive women are BORED OUT OF THEIR MINDS by most men. One of the reasons for this is that guys have NO IDEA what to do when they run into an attractive woman, so they do the same default thing: Dumb look, compliment. Also, you can’t BORE when you first approach women. If she’s most likely got a boring life like everyone else, and you do something that every one of the other 499 guys she’s going to walk by this month did, then you’re probably not going to attract any special attention. If you just start with the idea of NOT DOING WHAT OTHER GUYS DO you will be WAAAAYYYY ahead of the game.

This is fun, isn’t it? Bet you never thought you’d be thinking like a woman, did ya? What are a few things you might do to? Maybe NOT be like the other 499 boring, predictable, “nice” loser guys that have approached her? And BE interesting, attractive, attention-getting in a way that makes her feel like you might actually be someone to provide her with a pinch of spice in her life?

As you may have already predicted, I have a few more ideas (but don’t let that stop you from thinking about this on your own as often as you get a chance). To start with, you’d probably want to get rid of the “Wow, you’re a beautiful woman, and I’m just an average guy admiring you” vibe. That’s not helping. Next, you could take a moment and think about how a guy that she would feel ATTRACTED to might act, then choose that style.

My experience is that if you take an attitude of “I guess fate has good taste putting us in the same place, now let’s see if you have a personality to match your looks”, then stir in a generous portion of Cocky and Funny, you’re likely to do well.
A Sample Conversation on How To Approach Women

Here’s a variation of something I’ve used myself once or twice.

YOU: “Hey, can I ask you a quick question?”
[leaning back and playing it cool, talking cool and slow]

HER: “Sure”

[pause.. pause.. pause for suspense]

YOU: “Are you single?” [stone cold straight face]

HER: “Well, um…”

YOU: “I’ll take that as a yes…” [nodding, sly smile]

HER: [Laugher]

YOU: “Well, I just happen to know someone that I think might really like you… if you’re more than just a pretty face, that is… He’s funny, has great taste, and I think you’d like him… I’d love to sit down and get your life story, but I’m on my way somewhere… do you have email?” [very cool, calm tone of voice]

HER: “Yes.”

YOU: Great… [takes out pen]… write it down for me, and I’ll have, uh [clears throat] HIM send you an email.”

[Get email and get her phone number and wish the lady a good day.]

Now, let’s talk about what just happened here. First off, did I give her any compliments? Did I act like the other 499 guys? Did I instantly communicate that “I’m not worthy”? I said, “Hey, can I ask you a quick question?” in a very laid back, almost too relaxed and mysterious tone of voice (your body language is a VERY important component of this approach).