Tighten Up Your Text Game

Tighten Up Your Text Game

When text messaging keep in mind that, just like in face to face encounters with a woman, there are rules to know and follow.

Rule 1: Don’t text to avoid phone conversation.

Many guys, especially those just entering the social arts, see texting as a safer arena for contacting woman than calling them. This is understandable, but unacceptable. If you’ve just met and number closed a woman, then your next goal is to have a day two. The likelihood that you will set this up with her via text message is lower than if you call her and build more comfort verbally.

Also, if you’re texting because of your fear of interacting with this woman, then how will you ever hope to interact with her comfortably face to face?

Rule 2: Do not seek value when texting, bring it.

Examples of value seeking texts are “What’s up?” or “What are you doing tonight?” These texts come off as needy, invoke no emotion in the woman you are contacting, and don’t portray anything about your personality.

Here are some sample texts I’ve sent that have proven to be much more effective…

“I just saw a guy wearing a fanny pack and it reminded me of you.”

“Hey dork! :) I bet you are operating at a level of 100% dorkiness today.”

“What do you call a fish with no eyes?” Wait for her response before giving the answer, “Fssshhh.”

Rule 3: Avoid sending too many messages!

She might be the only thing on your mind at the moment but let’s keep that a secret between us, otherwise you may freak her out. Text once and only once until you get a reply, then you may text back. If she doesn’t respond to your text, you should generally hold off until tomorrow before contacting her again.

Also, give it some time after you receive a text before you respond. Remember being non-needy always equals sexy because it conveys that you must have other dating options in your life.

When in doubt, pace her. If she texts you back right away, you can text her back right away, but if she takes 10 minutes, then so should you.

Bonus Texting Tip: Use texts to invoke the law of familiarity.

After getting her number, immediately send a text while you’re still standing right next to her. This situation by itself is humorous and if you send a funny message it’s doubly so. Try messages like…

“You have my number now but you are only allowed to call me once per day.”

“Who is that really hot guy standing next to you?”

If, after texting her, she saves you number, take that as a definite indicator of interest. More importantly, when you call her later, your phone number will pop up and be familiar. This makes her much more likely to answer.

Source: www.seduction-chronicles.net