Learning To Be Funny To Attract Women

Learning To Be Funny To Attract Women

It’s a hard deal learning to be “funny”. Women love it though. On their online dating profiles, near every single one says “I need a guy with a sense of humor”. It’s true, they want it. But you need keep a balance between humor, sexual tension and being quiet…

For me personally, I’ve always been relatively funny guy. I haven’t needed much guidance in this area. However, I did need to make my jokes and improv much more concise and less… attention-seeking. Seem strange? How can someone be out their to make people laugh and not an attention whore? Well, it takes practice, and not trying too hard.

So I did three things:

1. Read Comedy Writing Secrets
This book might be one of the most valuable reads I’ve done. You get funnier just be reading it. No joke. Seriously.

2. Watch Funny Shows
This might not be a stretch for many people, and it wasn’t for me. Depending on your existing “type” of natural humor that you have, consider watching the opposite kind if you find your humor to be too extreme in one way. My friend was all over self-depreciating humor. He had it down. So, I told him to watch It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, which is much more arrogant, cocky, and the cast are in their own world. If you’re naturally arrogant, then try something more subtle like the Colbert Report, the Office is also good for situational humor. Watch and learn, don’t watch and zone out.

3. Get Over Yourself
The first thing a improv comedian told me, is that you need to “get over yourself”. Don’t worry about the consequences, just roll with them if they turn “bad”. Most of the time people are so self-absorbed that if the joke doesn’t hit, they don’t hold it against you. If you are not awkward about your joke, then typically they only remember the funny ones.

One of the best things you can do – and you’ve heard it a hundred times – is to take an improv class. This sharpens your senses and in the moment reflexes.

Humor is a valuable tool in seduction, and I’ve barely scratched the surface. A good tool, that I bought early on, to learn humor as it applies to flirting is in the Cocky Comedy (cocky and funny) program that David DeAngelo released.

Source: www.seduction-chronicles.net

How To Be The Man Every Woman Wants

How To Be The Man Every Woman Wants

I wanted to share a secret to attracting women that I believe is one of the ULTIMATE advantages you can have.

When I was first learning about how to get past my internal fears… how to approach women and start conversations… how to create attraction and chemistry… and how to take things to the next level… I wound up trying a TON of different “tricks and techniques”.

Whenever I found a new “trick” that worked for me, I felt like I had just put another piece of the puzzle together… that I had gotten just that much closer to REALLY understanding how things worked.

But there was another feeling that happened even MORE often:

It was when I would try something that had “worked” before, but it DIDN’T work this time.

It was the feeling that I must have MISSED something… that I must not REALLY get it.

I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about here.

It was probably a couple of YEARS after starting my quest that I had what I consider to be one of the biggest “Ah Ha!” experiences of my life.

Here’s what my realization was:

The guys I knew who were the MOST successful with women didn’t read books to learn a bunch of “pick up lines”… and they didn’t rely on tricks to attract women.

The guys I new who were MOST successful had a certain something about them that just seemed to MAGNETICALLY attract women.

In fact, these guys did and said things to women that seemed like they COULDN’T work to create attraction.

But it worked. It seemed to ALWAYS work.

At first, I just assumed that these guys must be good-looking, or have some kind of natural charm that I would never have.

It seemed like an “unfair advantage”.

Well, I learned that it WAS actually an unfair advantage. But I ALSO learned that it was something that ANY guy can have.

WARNING: What I’m about to say might sound a little “new-agey”… but stick with me.

This “Ah Ha!” led me to an even deeper and more powerful realization:

These men who were consistently successful with women had a QUALITY about them, and a deep UNDERSTANDING of how male/female attraction works…


Because they had this magical quality, and because they understood how to direct and channel any situation and conversation… they created success without needing the tricks.

In fact, one of my friends who was VERY good with women started LEARNING some “pick up lines” and other tricks, and started doing WORSE with women. True story.

He had the quality, and the tricks messed it up for him!

Well, after really digging into this topic and trying to translate this “secret knowledge”… and how to develop this quality I speak of… into a system that a regular guy could “get” use, I finally create the Master Key.

It’s a Master Key that will unlock doors that NO guy with a bunch of “tricks and techniques” can open.

It’s a key that will attract — AND KEEP — the more desirable and attractive women… the kinds of women that most guys will NEVER even have a chance to date.

I could go on and on about it, but if you’re interested in learning more about this key, then go here and read THIS:

http://www.DatingTechniques.com/OnBeingAMan (New Window)

I hope this secret helps you as much as it has helped me in my success with women.

Talk to you in a couple of days.

Your Friend,
David Deangelo


What It Really Takes To Be Successful

Your life is only as powerful as the people you meet. Think about this for one second.

In order to become something in life, you need to learn something from everybody you meet. Everything in life that happens to you, happens to you for a reason. This is not a revelation; it is all just plain truth. The real question, though, is what do you do with this? What do you take away from meeting each person with whom you come into contact?

Every day you should meet one more interesting person. Every day is a chance to learn. Every day you should be learning something about yourself and something about other people. Every day. So you should be learning something every day, but you should also be teaching something every day. You should do this because while we are all students of life, we are also all teachers in life.

You are only as powerful as the people you meet and attract into your life. What do you do, though, if you don’t have a chance to meet a lot of people?

In that case, you need to set goals for yourself. The only way to go out there and meet people is to set a goal. Set goals like “I am going to carry on a conversation with three total strangers every single day.”

Understand that building your social network can also build your business network. It’s not just about attracting the opposite sex.

It’s also about becoming a stronger person. It’s about being somebody who has a powerful network.

So you must meet a lot of people in order to be successful. Just meeting a lot of people, however, is not enough. You also have to ask a lot of questions, learn from these experiences and embrace them.

In order to be the most well-rounded person you can be, you need to start building up your network. You’re only as successful as your network. If you crave success in life – no matter whether it’s monetary success, personal success,
dating success or some other kind of success — you must cultivate that network and be able to really learn from everyone.

Don’t worry when you are in a situation in which people are talking about things you don’t know or about a subject you don’t know well. In those situations it is perfectly okay for you to just sit back and listen.

Say, for example, you are listening to a whole bunch of people talk about politics and you know very little about politics. Instead of trying to say something to add into the conversation, why not just kick back and listen for a minute or two . . . or even 20 or even 30?

History will always repeat itself. I guarantee you that down the road the same topic is going to come up in a conversation. Because you listened to those people and you became educated about that subject matter, you will be able to contribute to that conversation.

So, cultivate a powerful network in life. If you cultivate a powerful network, you are going to be a success in every aspect of your life.

Reach out to people. Send an email to someone you have always wanted to meet.

Is there someone that you want to mentor you? Send an email to them telling them how much you love their work, and that you would love to ask them some questions. You can also tell them that the number one question you have is, “What does it take to be as successful as you?”

Everyone loves to talk about themselves. People will share themselves with someone they know is interested, because everyone who is successful remembers that at some point in their life they had a mentor who helped them.

So it’s time to build up your network and become as successful as you want to be!

Cum poti cuceri pe cineva facand haz pe seama altora

Autor: Ovi Dogar
Imi place sa aleg diferite tinte si le "nenorocesc"
cam la fel cum un comic face poante pe seama
celebritatilor si a unor membrii din audienta. O fac
intr-o maniera oarecum aroganta dar totusi in joaca.

Daca esti atent, poti observa care sunt persoanele
de care i-ar face placere femeii sa rada. Poate fi
super tipa de la masa de alaturi, daca vezi cum in
ochii femeii dorite se naste invidia de cate ori o
priveste. Sau poate fi un fraier care o face sa strambe
din nas de cate ori il vede. Sau "baiatul de bani gata"
cu lanturile lui de aur ce il fac sa umble aplecat de

Iar in cazul unei femei foarte frumoase, oricine e
subiect de distractie. Mai ales femeile care se simt
amenintate de frumusetea ei.

Indiferent cine e femeia pe care vrei sa o cuceresti,
aproape oricine cunoaste persoane de care vrea sa

Acesta e motivul pentru care metoda e una excelenta
atunci cand vrei sa cuceresti pe cineva cat se poate
de repede.

Urmatorul exemplu, e o situatie care mi s-a intamplat
sambata seara.

Am vazut o gagica indignata de sanii falsi ai unei
blonde. (atentie la limbajul trupului) Tipa isi tinea
bautura in mana stanga, la nivelul bazinului, a
"scanat-o" de sus pana jos pe blonda, si apoi a
strambat usor din nas. Ce s-a intamplat? Animalul
din ea tocmai si-a aratat coltii!

S-a intamplat foarte repede, si daca clipesti se poate
sa pierzi momentul. Dar, femeia tocmai si-a scos
ghearele si e gata sa ti se alture in "lupta" contra

M-am apropiat de ea si i-am spus

EU: Ma intreb cate "smecherii" a trebui sa faca
pentru a-si permite aberatiile alea.

EA.: HAHAHAHAHA, cred ca are silicoane in
valoare de 50.000.000! Deci la 100.000 "smecheria"?

EU: HAHAHAHAHAHA, deci a trebuit sa si-o puna
cu vreo 5.000 de barbati.


EU: Poate si-a pus-o doar cu 2.500 iar restul l-a
castigat amanetandu-si bunul gust.

EA: HAHAHAHAHA, exact! Fii atent la pantofii ei

EU: Am vazut o pereche la fel la un magazin
second-hand frecventat de prostituatele din oras.


EU: Oricum, cu pieptul umflat in halul asta, n-are
nici o sansa sa-si vada pantofii.

EA: Deci sa inteleg ca nu-ti plac sanii falsi?

EU: Poate daca as fi pe Titanic si as avea nevoie o
barca pneumatica.


EU: Porecla ei e "Pinball"

EA: Ce?

EU: "Same player shoots again!"


EU: Hei, si nebunii au nevoie de iubire

EA: HAHAHAHA sa stii ca locuieste la doua blocuri
de mine

EU: Nici nu stiam ca exista o casa de nebuni in
zona aceea?


EU: Oricum imi plac pantalonii pentru surdomuti
pe care ii poarta.

EA: Pantaloni de surdomuti?

EU: Da. Iti permit sa ii citesti pe buze.


EU: (gesticuland ca si cand as vorbi cu o persoana
surda) Bine ai venit! Ce marime are sutienul tau?

Oricum, intelegi ideea. Dupa ce am terminat
cu blonda am schimbat tinta de cateva ori ca si cand
mi se rupea de toti. Am ras de cativa barbati, lucru
care te ajuta sa fi altfel in ochii ei. Te considera
superior celorlalti si defectele lor cresc din punctul
ei de vedere. In cele din urma i-am pus-o in aceeasi

Motivul pentru care faza asta functioneaza:

1. Totul se transforma intr-o situatie "Noi contra Lor"
aproape intotdeauna. Se creaza astfel o legatura

2. Daca observi micile indicii cu privire la tinta ei
preferata, legatura e si mai puternica. Si daca alegi
tintele potrivite va rade chiar daca ceea ce spui nu e
foarte comic!

3. Daca o faci cum trebuie, te va percepe ca fiind
superior celorlalti. Trebuie sa fi tupeist, cu incredere
in tine si chiar putin arogant

4. E distractiv.

5. Atrage atentia asupra defectelor competitorilor tai.

6. De multe ori aceasta metoda e tot ce ai nevoie
pentru a o face sa te doreasca. Dar ca orice metoda,
necesita exercitiu.

Uneori s-ar putea sa existe "efecte secundare"
neplacute. Atentie deci cum alegi tintele.

Succes in continuare,
Al tau prieten,

Afla cum poti cuceri femeia dorita: