How To Kiss A Woman

How To Kiss A Woman

There really is a right and wrong way to kiss a woman. If you screw up when you first kiss a woman, you can pretty much count on that ruining any future relationship. Like Hitch stated, a woman bases the relationship on the first kiss, and if you don’t impress when you kiss her…

Let’s get on with how to kiss a woman:

When you go in to kiss a woman, cup her face in both of your hands so that your palms are gently cradling her jaw line and your thumbs are just in front of cheek bones. You can also place your hands further back with your thumbs just in front of her ears if that’s more comfortable for you. This allows you to contour her face and guide it where you want her to go. This helps to avoid the possibility to kiss her too hard and too fast, which is akin to smacking her in the teeth.

In our rush to get the kiss we move too fast, or are unsure of our distance, timing and pressure and suddenly — BANG! Your loving kiss turns into a less than exciting clash of the molars! Take the time to kiss a woman.

When you kiss a woman, deliberately move her face in toward yours. I want you to look her in the eyes and slowly close your eyes as you gently bring her face to yours before the kiss. I want you to touch her lips to yours as lightly as you can and I want you to sense and pay attention to several things when you kiss a woman.

This takes practice to get good at but once you do… She’s yours! Here’s what you PAY ATTENTION when you kiss a woman:

* How much pressure is she using to kiss you?
* Is she pressing her lips hard against yours, soft?
* What kind of force is she exerting with her lips?

Also, notice the configuration of her lips for the kiss:

* Is she a fish kisser?
* Does she open her mouth very wide
* Does she keep her lips close together?
* Pay attention to what she is doing to you!

Kiss a woman gently and allow yourself to feel how she is kisses you. This is key! Don’t focus on kissing her! Focus on how she is kissing you! (Ladies, the same goes for you) This is a concept learned from “Tai Chi Push Hands” called “listening.” Its the ability to sense and interpret subtle changes in pressure and energy through your sense of touch — in this case via your lips.

Here is where “listening” meets “projection” to create her perfect kiss! Here’s how it works:

She already has an internal checklist of what a kiss is supposed to feel like for her. By paying attention to the way she kisses you then kissing her back exactly the same way, you validate her model how things work, demonstrate you are just like her and you perfectly fire off all the signals that tell her mind body and emotions its okay to go to the next level.

In hypnosis we would call this “pacing and leading.” Now Lets Sweeten the Deal a bit…

Once you have matched her particular style of kissing and you’re effectively doing it back to her the same way, you can start to direct her a bit more.

The act of kissing her the way she kisses you dramatically deepens the sense of “connection” and “rapport” she is going to have with you. Continue to pay attention to her responses. Think in terms of simply wanting to give her pleasure and paying attention to her responses when you kiss.

Once you have matched her kissing style you now have a couple of choices:

You can continue to kiss the way she does…


You can slowly begin to alter your method of kissing and see if she responds by following you. When she follows you by changing her way of kissing you now have more freedom to play.
Here Are Ten Signs You Don’t Know How To Kiss A Woman:

10. She french kissed once, but never again
She slipped her tongue on you, but didn’t ever again. It could be that you’re much to eager with the tongue, remember the principle from Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo? Two steps forward, one step back.

9. Makes excuses when you go to kiss her
She says, “I have to get up early” or “I need to floss my cat”. You might need to reevaluate this relationship, you might have ruined it. If she’s not making out with you periodically, then you don’t know how to kiss a woman.

8. She’s tired when you want to kiss her
If she’s constantly yawning when you try and lay the smack down, then you need some improvement when you kiss a woman.

7. She wants to get busy with other parts of your body
This isn’t that bad. But you still don’t know how to kiss a woman, try and improve it, so you can complete the intimacy.

6. She never starts kissing you
If she doesn’t initiate, then you did something wrong. No girl no matter how shy, wont want to make out with her lover.

5. She doesn’t give you compliments
If she doesn’t say something like, “you know how to kiss”, or “I’ve never felt like kissing this much” chances are you don’t know how to kiss a woman. (or if she doesn’t make some noises)

4. She suddenly springs up “Let’s be friends” after the first kiss
You need immediate attention. See Double Your Dating.

3. She pops breath mints
If she’s popping breath mints, it could be a good sign for kissing. She might be self-conscious about her breath, or it might be yours. Always come prepared and pop them when you’re about to kiss a woman.

2. If her lips are the signs of Jolies!
Try chewing on them less, and let her lips heal so she doesn’t get some weird disease through an open wound with you.

1. She’s cheating on you
You need a lot of help so refer to number 4, then bitch slap her for being a whore. j/k

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